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Accessibility Statement

Many efforts have been invested in this website to make information and actions accessible for people with disabilities, and this is based on the opinion and will of the website owners as well as the provisions of the existing law and rulings, including the basic laws and the basic right to respect and equality for all citizens.
The site is adapted to all the popular browsers, where the main recommendation for adjusting the accessibility is mainly in the Chrome and EDGE browser, when the other browsers may have compatibility problems.
At this stage, the site includes the following activities, among others, which have been specially adapted for people with disabilities:

  • Ability to navigate using the keyboard.
  • Adjusting colors that include high contrast in the buttons.
  • Adjusting fonts to sizes suitable for visually impaired people.
  • Proper use of description text - which is an adjustment for screen readers.

We would like to add that at this stage, and despite the many efforts that have been invested, there may still be pages on the site that have not yet been accessed and/or technologically adapted for all users, including the hearing impaired, and we intend to continue to do everything in our power to continue making the site as accessible as possible for all users, including - People with disabilities.
In any case, we will be grateful and happy for any comment and/or insight and/or feedback from all website users by sending a message on the "Contact" page.
Declaration date: Nov. 2022