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Optimize and accelerate your cloud migration with SELA Cloud

Migrate small or massive workloads to the cloud in a smooth, planned, and efficient process built over years of experience. With SELA Cloud, you can be sure that all aspects of migration are carefully considered and documented and risks analyzed. Our team of cloud experts performs optimization and modernization, ensuring you will get the most out of your cloud and even more!

Cloud Migration Methodology

Many organizations are moving quickly to the cloud as solutions develop, and offerings are clarified. Streamline IT processes, lower the total cost of ownership, immediately integrate the most recent innovations, and scale to meet any demand.

Starting from the early stage, when calculating the promised value, Sela's team of experts will guide you, equipped with knowledge and motivation, and support you while you take this leap forward. Debating as to the right implementation strategy, deciding what should be the right technology for you. And during the implementation and testing phase, make sure that the promised value has been materialized. We will be there for continuous evaluation and efficiency while building your organization's relevant domain expertise.

Whether we aim for “Lift-and-Shift” “Improve-and-Move” or “Rip-and-Replace” migration process, we will be on your side as your trusted advisor. For all the different types of migrations, we follow a well-defined process to make sure all aspects are considered. The process can be represented as follows:

We believe in giving you the best tools and support and that your team will gain the knowledge needed for success.

Cloud Migration With GCP

SELA Cloud is a premier partner with Google Cloud Platform and has vast experience with migrations to Google Cloud. We are experts in applying GCP best practices right from the design to implementation to the management of workloads on Google Cloud. Our experience gives us the ability to choose the right tools for migration from the various options available from the Google Cloud Platform. In GCP variety of migration tools are available, including live migration features, on-premise appliances, and migration engines.

We follow Google’s defined services for migrating infrastructure, applications, and data to avoid disrupting your business operations. Some of the most commonly used services are:


Cloud Adoption Framework

The Cloud Adoption Framework is a set of tools and methodologies developed by Google Cloud. The framework covers all aspects from helping organizations assess their migration readiness to define key adoption objectives. For more details: –</a ></span >

Migrate for Compute Engine

Migrate for Compute helps migrations of VMs from on-prem data centers or other public clouds to Google Cloud Platform. If is easy to use, simple and secure tool for efficient migration of VMs. For more details: –</a >

Google Storage Transfer Service

Storage Transfer Service allows you to quickly import online data into Cloud Storage. This service provides multiple options such as scheduling transfers, synchronization between a variety of data sources and Cloud Storage. This makes it a very valueable tools in migration projects. For more details: –</a >

BigQuery Data Transfer Service

BigQuery is a very popular and strong offering in the data warehouse space. The BigQuery Data Transfer Service schedules and automates data movement from SaaS applications to Google BigQuery, Google’s elastically scalable data warehouse. For more details: –</a >

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