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Empowering the Next Generation with Azure OpenAI





Expert Insights, Best Practices and Demo.

May 24th | 10:00 am -11:00 am | Sela and Microsoft Azure | Online


Join Sela and Microsoft Azure for an exciting "Empowering the Next Generation with Azure OpenAI" webinar on the latest advancements in AI, where you'll learn from top industry speakers about the latest AI innovations and get insights into the future of AI. Our interactive sessions will give you the opportunity to get hands-on experience with the latest AI technologies.

Learn about the latest advances in AI and how they are being used to transform industries.


In this webinar, you'll hear from leading experts in the field of AI and learn about:


Empowering the Next Generation of Startups with Azure Open AI
Ariel Negrin, Azure GTM Lead
Valuable insights on GAI to increase developer productivity, streamline tasks, and enhance workflows. An insightful demo is included.
Ilia German, Expert Cloud Solution Architect & GAI Tech Lead,  Sela
A Q&A session where you can engage with our speakers and have all your queries addressed


We look forward to seeing you there!