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Amplication is a backend development platform that saves engineers from repetitive coding tasks and long development cycles. With automated high-quality code generation, producing a fully functional backend in minutes. Without compromising ownership, customizability and control are crucial for developers.

The challenge

Defining the best platform for client’s needs

Amplication reached SELA as a trusted advisor so we can help them adopt the cloud platform that will most answer their needs. After evaluating several options, we’ve selected AWS as the most suitable cloud provider to meet the requirements of Amplication. Following that, we have continued to assist Amplication with designing microservice architecture based on EKS for their project and its implementation.

The solution

Cloud Migration

In this project, the main goal was to create a well-architected AWS cloud environment to migrate and refactor Amplication’s existing infrastructure on GCP to AWS cloud using terraform. As part of AWS best practices, the infrastructure had to be based on AWS cloud rules such as security - Route53, IAM rules, and isolation by security groups. The solution for Amplication`s microservices was to work with managed Kafka services (MSK) and RDS databases. The environment was created by an automated pipeline to ensure quick and efficient work.


The results

More efficient infrastructure

The project result was a well-architected infrastructure that efficiently utilizes the resources of the AWS cloud. SELA`s architecture team used an automated pipeline to deploy each environment with the right resources to the EKS cluster.