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SELA offers a unique, stable and proven solution for setting up and running your ODC in India. In less than 3 months, you will have your own office with fully operational development/testing/support teams.

Your needs our solutions:

Setting up the infrastructure:

Our experience in running ODCs has made us very adept at organizing the right working environment with high end western standard infrastructure, back up facilities, dedicated networks, telecommunication facilities and a high level of security.

We have a facility that includes multiple meeting rooms, training and conference rooms and cabins specially designed following our client requirements. Special phones and Polycom devices ensure smooth communication and conference ability between the employees and their world-wide counterparts.

Digital access doors and control systems along with cameras help monitor activities of the personnel.Comfortable work-stations, canteen facilities, ample parking space and Recreational facility provide the right working atmosphere to the personnel.

Understanding the requirements:

We work hard to pay attention to and understand in detail the needs of our clients in terms of personnel required their technical expectancy, role, budget, technology used, standard of infrastructure, level of security and logistics needed and set the right expectations.

Talent Acquisition:

We have a full-fledged recruitment team in-house, to ensure optimal talent acquisition for our clients.

Workforce Management and Administration:

We smoothen the pain areas of our clients, and take care of day-to-day operational management. We maintain our best efforts to ensure that clients spend their time only to focus on core business needs and project goals.

Our Accounting team takes care of payroll management, taxes and allied benefits for our employees.

With the help of our all-day IT team, resources are assured of immediate resolution to their IT network and desktop related issues. This ensures that the project work goes on un-interrupted and smoothly.

Our HR team ensures that people based issues receive timely attention.
HR policies including the Employee Manual and Travel Policy are set in place that serves as reference guides for the employees. Employees avail benefit of the Group Insurance policy and are signed on a legal NDA to respect confidentiality and protection of business ideals.

Bi-monthly meets are held with various teams as a direct forum to understand ground level issues and provide timely resolutions.

SELA India’s Offshoring solution

6 years of experience in providing solutions from India to International Companies
WORK GLOBALLY, PAY LOCALLY” – Convenient payment facility and taxation support.
High Quality Infrastructure (Western Standards)
Flexibility, Speed and Quality
Optional- Built Operate Transfer model support in establishing a legal entity in India